Salesforce Connected App

This will allow Canon Connect to send data into Salesforce.

Creating the Connected App

Getting Client Credentials

6. Click on App Manager

Time to refresh the page and get our credentials

11. This Consumer Key is used for the Integration

If you manage your integration, add this to Canon Connect under your Salesforce Org. If we manage your integration, share this with the integration admin. You can always reference this at any point in the future by following the steps 6 - 9

Adding a Digital Certification

⚠️ Creating a Certificate

Creating Certificates is challenging for most people. Connect support is happy to help generate these so open a case and we'll get that to you ASAP. Once you have it, the next steps are very easy.

13. Check the "Use Digital Signatures" box, Choose a File then Save

You will now add the certificate file that you were provided, or created.

Managing The Connected App

19. Include Canon Connect Admin, User and Login

You can add any other permissions sets that you create as well. A user only needs one of any of the listed permission sets to be integrated

That's it, your done!