Make Calls

Making Calls

Calling Contacts

1. Leverage the Search Bar

Enter someones name or number

2. Stop typing for one second

It will begin to search after you stop typing

3. Choose your contact

Now you can select a contact

4. Search by number

Here we'll show our search complete by the phone number

6. Calling a Contact

Click anywhere on the listed contact to enter the contact page

7. Select a Number to call

Some contacts may have multiple numbers so choose one of the listed ones. You will then click the green Call button at the bottom once a number is selected

8. Click on CALL +12033067265

This button starts the call, it also lets you know which one you are going to call once you select a number

9. Click on HANG UP

When you are done with a call, click Hang Up. This only appears while in a call

10. Click on NO ANSWER

Select a disposition for the call to record how it went. These are setup by your Connect Admin so talk to them if you want to see more or less of them.

11. Exit the contact when done

This will return you to the contact search to select another contact

Calling via the Keypad

12. Calling New Numbers

If your contact isn't recorded in the system yet, you can dial with the keypad

13. Enter a Number

You can type or punch in the numbers to call.

14. Click Call when Ready

You will then receive the Hang Up and Disposition sequences again like on the contact page.