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Book a demo over Google meets with a member of our team. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, we look forward to hopping on a call with you!


In this 45 minute demo we’ll cover the features that matter most to you and address if this product is the right fit.


Canon Connect has many features, so we’ve listed them below so you can decide what is most important to you, if not all of them!

  1. Calling
    1. Click to Dial
    2. Dialing Lists
    3. Powerdialing
  2. Texting
    1. Texting
    2. Automated, AKA, Cadenced Texts
  3. Salesforce Integration
    1. Log Calls & Texts as Activities
    2. Sync Leads & Contacts
    3. Use Reports to Create Call Lists
    4. Automate with Salesforce
  4. Cadences
    1. Automate Task creation
    2. Texts
    3. Emails from Salesforce
  5. Trust and Validity
    1. Phone Number Validation
    2. Caller Ids for your company
      1. Get off the spam list!
    3. Managed SMS compliance